Rutland City Public Schools

Web Designon June 3rd, 2010Comments Off on Rutland City Public Schools

Nine schools, all in different locations; hundreds of staff and thousands of people to communicate with made it critical to create a solid communications platform.

Enter—an integrated series of web sites, each with its own personality, all sharing the same design, accessed through a common portal. Allowing anyone—students, parents, teachers or administrators to get the scores from the latest game, download a PDF of the school’s handbook, or access other vital resources.

Site management? An on-board content management system provides authorized users the ability to keep the content fresh with a few clicks—stories and images—in plain English, without the need for any web frills.

Now anyone can visit and get important school information without leaving home. Calendars, school policies, schedules, contact lists, resources, links, game scores, curriculum guides, downloadable documents—even video. It’s all there. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to manage. It’s just what a growing school district needs—a website that can grow with it.

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