It's the Law

Web Designon June 3rd, 2010Comments Off on It's the Law

An interactive legal resource and attorney directory—a practical guide for one of Vermont’s most renowned law firms, with a diverse practice group and a national clientele. Sophisticated without being flashy.

When it comes to the intricacies of the law, especially the law and the internet, it’s critical that information be both timely and accurate. gives Kenlan, Schwiebert & Facey the ability to directly manage their online resources—and provide greater value to both their clientele and their legal teams. The site is data-driven to allow the client to update content in key areas, such as staff information, practice areas, legal resources, you name it.

Then as the law evolves (count on it), and Kenlan’s, Schwiebert’s & Facey’s needs change, stays up to date. Case closed.

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