about this site

The Townsend Graphics site was developed over a period of about four weeks based on the Levitation WordPress theme from Envato. While the core of the theme programming was retained, important and significant changes—the locations and functions of several of the home page spaces, function of interior page sub-menus to name two—were made to help customize the site to a more exact purpose. Sure, I could have easily put together a crack team to build a whole new site from scratch but using an existing form is more consistent with the way I would typically work with a client and, I think, is more reflective of the demands of real-world web development—it needs to be fast, it needs to be reliable, and it needs to represent good value.

This type of ‘modular’ web building rankles some coders and web companies as somehow ‘not pure’, I guess. But, if the mission is to serve the client’s best interest then everything has to be on the table—the options that utilize the fullest measure of a programmer’s skills and those that build on the skills of others. For Townsend Graphics that meant we needed to build a site quickly, it needed to have features that a client might want to see on their own site, in short, it needed to be the kind of site solution I might recommend. I think it does that. And, just for the record, more than half the sites that have been built for my clients were built on completely custom WordPress themes. The solution has to fit the problem, not the other way around.

So, why WordPress and not some other PHP programming? For me, it came down to features, reliability, and support. While there are several of these ‘out-of-the-box’ programs available, the folks at WordPress seem to have been (and continue to be) consistently ahead of the others in developing new features, improving the base coding, adding new plug-ins and widgets to extend functionality, and generally being responsive to the world-wide community of WordPress users. To some, this may sound like I “drank the Kool-Aid” but until another outfit comes up with a system that has the stability and flexibility of WordPress, I’ll keep plugging it.