Going Mobile…Taking It To the Small Screen

mobile-grabOkay everybody…let’s get small!

Time was, and not that long ago, if you wanted to build a version of your web site for the small screen, you got to shell out some pretty big bucks for custom programming. Not any more. With the advent of more developer friendly tools, I can now build a complete mobile version of most web sites for as little as $395 not including annual hosting (required) or customization. These aren’t just dumbed down version of your regular site (although I generally keep them simple for ease of use), they’re full-featured versions of their big screen cousins.

In some ways, the mobile sites have a leg up over the big screen, sporting features like “Click-To-Call” and a Directions option (powered with Google Maps). The new small sites support PayPal, Yelp, Open Table, even small store fronts…almost anything you can do on the big screen. Need more than just the basics? Not a problem, this is a fully programable product that can support unique content as well as share content with your site. It even comes with it’s own analytic tracking. How cool is that!?

All you need to get started is to have functioning web site…and a few dollars. Development times are in the range of a couple of days for most sites, longer if you need custom programming.

Give me a call today and let’s talk about the new big, small screen! 802.747.7561