Ever wish your agency did a better job of keeping you in the loop on the status of your critical project? Us too.

I always love it when clients are informed about where things are at on their work but it wasn’t always easy to do when you have 35-40 jobs running at the same time. For years agencies suffered through using Microsoft Project then industry specific software like Clients and Profits to keep tabs on the work, set deadlines, keep track of time and materials and the like. One practically took a degree in project management to make it effective and the other one was just downright expensive. Neither were client friendly so, while they did help to keep things organized, neither really helped to keep clients informed.

Then, along came BaseCamp and that all changed. Here was a client friendly, cost effective tool that not only helped keep things organized, it was easy for clients to access. Wow! Share files, organize the work, post ‘to do’ items, manage deadlines—everything you need to keep the work moving and clients in the know. Couldn’t ask for more. BaseCamp is also web-based which means its accessible on your schedule—24/7—and not just when I happen to be around. That doesn’t mean you should be checking your projects while your laying on the beach somewhere with your laptop and WiFi…but you could if you wanted to. You’d be crazy, but you could do it.

If you’re a current client and you haven’t used BC but would like to learn, give me a call and set up a time for me to drop by and show you how it works. Or, if you prefer, set a time and drop by my office. 802-747-7561 and get connected.