Over the last 30 something years I’d like to think I’ve learned a few things that clients, both current and potential, might find useful…even enlightening. In these pages I’ve collected a few of those ideas and techniques that I have found to be particularly useful. The marketing business—like most businesses—sure has changed over the years, influenced by technology as much as by the constantly evolving culture we live in. Through it all, I’ve found that most clients like stuff that works and that there are frequently remarkable opportunities to improve the way we do things by ‘borrowing’ from what other industries do and the tools they use.

A good example of adaptive change is BaseCamp, a cool web-based project and client management tool, that I recommended to a state agency as way to help connect a far-flung workforce and cut down on drive times between meetings. While I don’t think 37 Signals (the author of the software) had connecting geographically diverse offices together, I’m utterly certain they would be completely on board with the idea of using their tool to do something in a better way. Same goes for WordPress, my thoughts on which you can read more about in my about this site harangue.

My hope is you find something useful in this area. If you do, feel free to pass it on. That’s the way knowledge grows.

I’ve left the comments turned on for this page so if you have something in the way of a useful tool or bit of information you think is worth sharing you can post it here.