who am ‘I’?

Well, “I” is really me, David Townsend…and some very talented friends, a few of whom have collaborated with me for more than a two decades designing, publishing, and managing everything from simple print ads and web sites to complex multi-media communications and multi-day conferences. Townsend Graphics offers a full range of both traditional (print design, web site development, copy writing and the like)  and non-traditional (social media management, design and marketing education, and Internet and browser tutorials) services, focusing on work that has social impact as well as commercial application.

Much to the consternation of some of my peers (and to my guilty delight) I see fine art and design has having very different missions. While both take vision, talent, and skill, and though both can make social statements only design applies art in the resolution of a specific problem or to achieve a commercial end. I think of it as art…applied, often in less than optimal conditions, with less than enough money or time to properly accomplish the task. But therein lays the challenge…reaching the goal, meeting the deadline with something less than a ‘full box of crayons’.

Satisfying, indeed.