web development

To me, getting you where you want to go and doing it quickly is, at the most fundamental level, what the web is all about. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re building sites—there are so many cool tools to play with, so many terrific third-party plug-ins to add functionality, so many ways to obscure the key ideas under a blanket of trivia. “Less, is more”, in the words of oft-quoted architect and designer Mies Van derRohe. The essence of good web site development is using absolutely the fewest components and the barest constructions to deliver the content and the message.

Web design has and continues to change at a rapid pace. Nearly gone are the days of having to build and program every page by hand or with a WYSIWG tool, replaced by ample and robust PHP platforms that make site construction more modular. While some developers may decry the customization of existing platforms as uninspired at best, if you look at delivering on what most clients want— a good value, delivered quickly, with the ability to be self-maintained—it simply makes sense. Starting with an “out-of-the-box” set of page templates lets me spend more time constructing a site that does what it’s supposed to do and less time mired in complex programming.

Bottom line—I’m a big fan of delivering great value and stuff that works reliably.