Print bids, press checks, radio/broadcast scheduling, advertising, etc.

This is one of those pretty much thankless areas of my work that, arguably, have more to do with the outcome of many jobs than most people would think. At the end of the day the designer, videographer, and copywriter can do a marvelous job, but if the printer, the publication, or the station aren’t a good fit it’s all for naught. Production partners, like any of the collaborators on a good creative team, have strengths as well as weaknesses. And finding the perfect match between the work and the production takes skill and experience.

Back in the day, this service used to be a part of production mark-up but, these days, I charge for it just like I charge for any other time. I think my clients appreciate the simplicity of this arrangement and it gets me out having to answer questions about where my loyalties may lay.

I’ve always been, and squarely remain, in favor of the best people to do the job. Period.