print design

When radio was new, some folks though it was the beginning of the end of print. But it survived. Than came television and many, again, thought print would be on it’s way out. Most recently it was the Internet that would spell doom for print but, alas, it hasn’t happened. In fact, the printed word seems to be thriving…as much now as it ever has. What has happened is that they are fewer and fewer designers and graphic artists with solid print backgrounds, choosing instead, I suppose, to concentrate their efforts on more fashionable design pursuits like web or app development or animation and the like.

Not so, at Townsend Graphics. Print design is alive and well, in fact, it’s positively flourishing. What has dropped off are the more mundane (but important) types of jobs like simple newsletters and business materials, work now being done by products like Constant Contact or by on-line specialty print brokers. But more elegant types of design work—interesting and imaginative presentations (small and large), small books, packaging, and display design—are being executed with skill, passion, and knowledge.

peter huntoon, artist