This is an area of my work that started off as simply helping my clients out but has grown into a stand alone group of services. It’s also an area that’s really exciting to work in because it lets me pass along some of what I’ve learned over the past 35+ years to others. Hard to get better than that.

WordPress—Even though WP is as simple as it gets in terms of using the editor panel and keeping a web site updated, there’s always something to learn—and to teach—about getting the most of a site. I’m thrilled when clients want to take an active role in developing site content and am happy to support them in any way I can. I offer in-office and on-site support, both one-on-one and in small groups. For education clients, I have complete in-service programs tailored to meet the demands of each school or district.

Web Site Design and Marketing—Another area where commerce and community service meet.