identity development

Communicating a brand (well) comes down to helping people understand—and remember—who you are in any medium. Deliberately, consistently, and frequently.

That said, it’s not as easy as it may sound. There’s the whole legacy thing. Unless you’re designing for a brand new company, the organization you’re working with has a whole closet full of past work that has to be considered when you’re working with  how they look to their public. AND, if you’re designing for a brand new company, there’s the  whole “Who are we?”, “This is who we are.”,  “We’d like to find who people think we are.” thing.

Whew! It ain’t easy being…well, you.

Bottom line is, whether you’re an established brand, a brand in transition, or a brandy new brand how the public sees you is important. Having them remember you is more important. I do that.

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