the most fun you can have with your pants on

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…at the risk of offending any some of my (limited) readership. I like—no, make that love—working on cars.

To me, playing with things automotive is, as the title says, the most fun I have besides that of conubial bliss. I particularly enjoy working on the MG based vintage rally car that’s been taking up space in my garage for the past four years or so. I keep threatening to finish it but, so far, that goal has eluded me. Why cars? I guess because they represent, in many ways, an opportunity to use and extend some of the same skill set I use at work. It’s just a different platform that presents new frontiers of problem solving and a different level of satisfaction in successfully solving those challenges.

Of late, I’ve been able to take my car habit to an entirely new level…by helping others with their restoration projects. Sharing both my passion and skills is a real gift. I not only get to help a few folks get or keep their older machines on the road but I am fulfilling my talent in a most meaningful way as well as developing some very satisfying relationships in the bargain. What’s not to love?

And that brings me to the real point of this missive (the provocative title notwithstanding)—our talents aren’t really ours, they’re just on loan and we, merely the stewards of what we’ve been so generously provided. What kind of steward we are or we become is measured almost entirely by how well we share what we’ve been given. Not by what we’ve accomplished with our talent, not how much we’ve earned, or the honors we may have reaped but by our capacity to freely give away what was freely given to us.



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