here, let me draw you a picture…

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Everything old is new again, so the phrase goes. And so it seems, it’s true.

Vintage 69 Lockheed Sebring Decal

I started out in this field as an illustrator back when my tools were pens, markers, and papers—not a computer and software. Over the years, I’ve continued to practice my illustration skills, eventually adapting them to my new electronic environment. For the most part, it hasn’t been something I’ve made a point of pursuing as business although I still execute 3-4 random illustrations assignments each year—mostly technical illustrations or renderings.

Recently, I answered a random inquiry posted to one of the car message boards I frequent asking someone who might be willing to replicate an obscure sponsor decal for car that was raced at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1969. Now, if you’ve read anything on this site, you would know that I’m something of a car nut so figured it might be fun to marry up my illustration skills and my car thing and answered the inquiry. To my surprise, I got the gig and was soon sleuthing around trying to find a decent photograph of the missing decal to work from.

During my search, I was able to locate the gentleman who owned the original photography of the car in question and he was kind of enough to send me a high resolution image to work from. From the new photo I was able to identify and replicate the missing details and sen the final result off to the client. Happiness all the way ’round!

Since then, and through the kind recommendation of my original client, I’ve been asked to replicate the decals for the #91 Iddings Special that ran at Indianapolis in 1948, Kelly Pilotti’s 1935 Indy car, and several other rather unique race cars.

Here are few of my most recent decal replications. More to com later…

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