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casella annual report

Publishingon September 1st, 2010Comments Off on casella annual report

Taking one of the country’s largest publicly-traded waste companies and getting past the obvious to the real story behind the essential activity is a real challenge…and a chance for us to flex our creative muscle.

Vivid color and original photography allowed us to capture the energy and excitement of the company and authentically represent people and activities to tell an interesting, hopeful story of a group of people who strongly believe in their role as public servants.

More than just a pretty piece, this ‘boxed set’ was executed under extremely tight deadlines and a strict no-room-for-error policy. Not only was it important to convey the message artistically and accurately but to successfully coordinate the army of partner vendors—printer, bindery, shareholder services, attorneys, and investor services—necessary to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

A picture can, indeed, be worth a thousand words.

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