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vermont youth rugby association

Portfolio, Web Designon October 16th, 2010Comments Off on vermont youth rugby association

Community service is a big part of what drives me. So when I was approached by VYRA to build a small web site to help them with recruiting and communication, it was easy to say “yes”. Now, I don’t know diddle about rugby other than it has a ball, is played on a field, and vaguely resembles American football but I do know how to build easy to maintain, straightforward web sites. Good thing to, because it looks like a mighty rough game.

As with most (maybe all) of these shoestring budget sites, it was going to be self-maintained so site updates and administration needed to be simple. Enter WordPress. Not only is the WP platform a snap for web newbies to work with, the availability of off-the-shelf themes makes for quick work of site construction. The VYRA platform is one of a number of semi-custom platforms I’ve developed over the past few years and it’s a clean, crisp presentation with good visual appeal.

So, while it’s a pretty sure bet I’ll never step onto a rugby pitch, I was still able to help them with their game.

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