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Portfolioon September 8th, 2010No Comments

This could be one of those once-in-a-lifetime assignments.

Take five great authors/celebrities, build a leadership conference around their ideas, and publish a book—a working book—around them. Whew! What an assignment!  What a gas!

The client gets the credit—nearly all (but not all)—on this one. There were no constraints, just produce something exemplary that participants would use during the conference and keep long after the glow was gone. The main characters had such compelling stories, the material was so rich, it was almost (but not entirely) impossible to screw this assignment up. Seriously, it is just a bit intimidating to get your “dream” job—with few constraints and the primary mission to produce something truly memorable.

I could go into the all of the details about how the idea developed, what the thinking was behind the concept and all of the other things that run through your head when you’re working through the concepts. But I think that the part that sticks out in my mind is when the speakers all asked to autograph a copy. ’nuff said.

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