The work on these pages spans the last fifteen years utilizing the talents of so many different people that I have had the true pleasure (and privilege) to work with. Individually and collectively the folks whose talents are represented here (including mine) were, and continue to be, called on to solve challenges of every size and type—from simple to complex, from print to web and everything in between. What ties it all together is the desire to go beyond the idea of just getting the job done. In everything, the goal was and is always the same—to execute each assignment with energy and enthusiasm, concentrating on delivering the very best that can be produced…budgets and timescales notwithstanding.

I believe there are three simple rules that will always lead to great work:

  • Only accept assignments when you truly know you can help the client accomplish their goal—When you’re helping someone else reach their goals you are valuable and when you feel valued you are more willing to hang it out there and challenge yourself
  • Learn something from every job…no matter what the size or type—Good creative types are life-long learners, committed to constantly expanding their knowledge and always eager, even hungry, to add to what they know
  • Have fun at what you do—When you’re having fun (that doesn’t mean you’re not working hard) you’re going to be committed to the work and when you’re committed to the work you’re not willing to accept anything but your level best.

Far from just pleasant sentiments, these three criteria are at the heart of all great work and the core of building and keeping productive, satisfying client relationships. No matter how slick the sale, or how glib the patter at the end of the day it’s the work that represents what you do. It better be good.