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Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation ran into a challenge that most successful businesses face—where to grow next. For years this wood processing equipment manufacturer had enjoyed steady growth, becoming one of the leaders in their industry. So, they asked for help with the next step most successful businesses take—toward the future.

Getting a bead on what people thought about the industry and Timberwolf in particular was the first priority. Timberwolf relies on an extensive dealer network to get their products to market, but there was something missing—the company wasn’t getting any feedback from their end-users. Why? Because dealers weren’t filling out the warranty cards and sending them in.

A simple dealer and customer survey provided information that was used to identify opportunities for Timberwolf to reach new markets and expand their dealer network. The next step was putting it in place with a concise media plan and budget, a prospective dealer map, and a new warranty registration system that would enable Timberwolf to speak directly to the end-user of their products.

The result—a clear and documented plan that would provide direction for the next five years. And beyond.

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