Westminster Crackers Warms to DCT

Newson October 4th, 20101 Comment

New Westminster Retail Packaging

Long time Vermont success story Westminster Cracker Company has chosen Townsend Graphics LLC to execute a re-design of the gourmet cracker company’s retail packaging. To help raise the visual appeal of the popular specialty food, DCT reached back into Westminster’s past, bringing elements of several of the company’s classic packages from the last 100 years.

“I wasn’t looking to make it a ‘retro’ look”, said Townsend Graphics managing member David Townsend, “but loved the simple, classic elegance of some of the older packaging designs from the 50s (and earlier). “The new designs borrow many elements from the past—color, graphic flourishes, and even language—to help create a distinctive, more upscale look.”

Larry Cirina, Westminster Cracker Company’s president, said, “The new look is definitely in synch with the character of our product.” Cirina continued, “We couldn’t be more thrilled with discovering a company like DCT in our own backyard, able to share our vision and execute on it.”

The new relationship was struck as the result of a happenstance mention of the company during a conversation with Westminster Cracker employee Roger Johnson.

The new packaging will begin appearing in select retail locations in the next month or two.

For more information on Westminster Cracker Company visit: http://www.westminstercrackers.com

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  1. david townsend says:

    We have lift off! The new packaging hit the shelves in May and has been a BIG hit. There will be a few tweaks (expected) for the next run but the new look and feel have really helped reinforce the Westminster brand. Since the original design assignment, I’ve also re-designed the “150-count” cartons that are used to ship bulk packaged crackers to restaurants and the like.

    Next up is a carton for a new, traditional cracker that will continue reaching back in the company’s history for design cues. So, get out to you local market and grab a box!

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