For more than three decades (geez that sounds like a long time) through several companies and iterations I have worked for clients both large (Evian, Dos Equis,  Casella Waste Systems, and U.S Foods) and small (Dianne Hickerson, Mosher Excavating, etc.). Each one of them posed a particular challenge and offered a unique opportunity to learn something, to help the client, and to have fun doing it. Some of these clients continue to work with me, others either grew out of what I could provide or I no longer felt I could be effective for. Every one of them received the best I could possibly bring…regardless of budget or deadline.

At the end of the day, I don’t do business with companies or organizations, I do business with people. And the success of my business relationships is utterly dependent on the success of my personal relationships with the people I work with.

Like most people (I think), my interests vary—in the kinds of people I enjoy working for, in the kinds of work I do, and in the sacrifices I’m willing to make to grow my business. I think that’s evident in the rich landscape of clients I’ve been able to work with over the years. Large or small, in good times and in bad, each client and each opportunity has provided some kind of intellectual or spiritual nourishment, sustaining me, helping me grow and understand. I haven’t listed every client on the following pages but have mentioned the ones that I think are relevant and who’s work may have something to offer to to others. That and, frankly, when I started going through the sheer volume of work I’ve done over the last 15 years, it was pretty overwhelming. There were literally hundreds of clients to consider, some that I had completely forgotten about, making the task of selecting the ones to show on these pages as difficult as it was enjoyable.

Someday, I hope to making the same consideratioabout you.