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here, let me draw you a picture…

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Everything old is new again, so the phrase goes. And so it seems, it’s true.

Vintage 69 Lockheed Sebring Decal

I started out in this field as an illustrator back when my tools were pens, markers, and papers—not a computer and software. Over the years, I’ve continued to practice my illustration skills, eventually adapting them to my new electronic environment. For the most part, it hasn’t been something I’ve made a point of pursuing as business although I still execute 3-4 random illustrations assignments each year—mostly technical illustrations or renderings. read more

the most fun you can have with your pants on

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…at the risk of offending any some of my (limited) readership. I like—no, make that love—working on cars.

To me, playing with things automotive is, as the title says, the most fun I have besides that of conubial bliss. I particularly enjoy working on the MG based vintage rally car that’s been taking up space in my garage for the past four years or so. I keep threatening to finish it but, so far, that goal has eluded me. Why cars? I guess because they represent, in many ways, an opportunity to use and extend some of the same skill set I use at work. It’s just a different platform that presents new frontiers of problem solving and a different level of satisfaction in successfully solving those challenges. read more

Second box copy

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“Well, it’s not exactly on the beaten path”, pretty much describes most places if you live and work in Vermont. But, if you’ve chosen to live here, that’s really the point, isn’t it? One of the beauties of the “electronic age” is the ability to set up shop just about anywhere, especially in a place where the environment and lifestyle can contribute to what you do.

Works for us – for our clients too.