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westminster cracker company

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This was one of the assignments that was just plain fun to do. There was no direction other than, “see what you can do with this.”

In truth, the existing packaging had been around for a long time and, over the years, had undergone numerous changes, edits, and tweaks until the original files were completely lost under all of the modifications. What a perfect opportunity to begin entirely anew. Westminster Cracker has been around for over 125 years so, to get things started, I visited the company offices where they keep a nice selection of packaging from years (decades) past. There were some really cool old-school boxes in the collection—everything from the old chip boards covered in wax paper to more contemporary designs from the 50s. It just seemed natural that the new look should honor the company’s past—but with a modern sensibility.

From the old packaging I borrowed the color palette of black, mustard yellow, and burnt red, from the really early cartons, I took the text style and a few of the engraved touches and then combined it with a modern ‘hero’ shot on the front and product vignette on the pack. Something, old, something borrowed, something new.

vermont stone

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Selling crushed stone in bags. What an absolutely brilliant idea —until it hits the shelves, and it’s just stone in a bag. Bring in the design team! Whip up something special…ta da…Vermont Natural Colored Stone.

Creating the identity for Vermont Stone seemed to be natural instinct. Born from the rich earth tones of the stone itself, a gorgeous palette set the stage for the entire suite—including logo, package design, brochure, letterhead and business card.

Sophisticated and smart, the design is straightforward yet unique. By throwing out traditional thinking of how landscape products were marketed, the look for Vermont Stone sets itself apart from any other agricultural and landscape product around.

All of a sudden, stone has a brand new face.

harbor select

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If going to a grocery store and looking at the sea of products on any given shelf is intimidating, or just frustrating, imagine trying to create packaging that stands out in that vastness.

Well, that was a challenge I rather enjoyed. After considerable research, I found that packaging of similar products tend to look alike. So with some creative freedom we were able to create a look that not only stood out, but jumped out from the rest of the fish in the sea.

The goal was to create a design that conveyed freshness, elegance for a higher end market, and ease. Our client of course wanted it to move quickly off of the shelves.

Both of us are happy.