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peter huntoon – artist

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This was a pretty intimidating assignment. Not because I haven’t done my share of logos or brand materials but because it was going to be collateral for an artist for crying out loud—and a darn good one at that. Peter Huntoon is not only a local guy, but an extremely successful water colorist throughout New England. His unique technique is instantly recognizable and very energetic. The task of capturing the energy and enthusiasm of Peter’s art in his print collateral was more than a bit daunting.

I started by interviewing Peter and getting a sense of what he wanted to represent as well as getting an idea of how much latitude I would have in putting a face on things. Peter proved to have as big a spirit of adventure as his art and had no problem with exploring a variety of expressive avenues. What a relief. The results are a look and feel to the materials that I think captures what Peter’s art is all about.

I can’t help it, I really love this stuff.

mount st. joseph academy

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magic brush sales portfolio

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chaffee art center

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I met a new neighbor with like-interests to ours (promoting the arts) and saw a way I could help. So, I created a new identity for this community arts center that expresses its rich and vital community heritage in places rarely reached before. The design was just the first step. Together, we’re taking the long view.

Promoting on-going featured artist exhibits and helping with their biggest annual fundraiser is just the beginning…oh, and by the way, the black tie is optional.

The identity package we produced for the Chaffee: event promotion items, postcards, t-shirts, posters, banners, course catalogs, newsletters, logos and business materials.

casella busch east sponsorship

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This company landed a NASCAR sponsorship and needed a powerful, comprehensive look and feel that represented the company, and spanned across various forms of media as well as different audiences—employees, potential associate sponsors, and the racing team. The solution was to create an identity that would drive home the excitement and winning potential of all involved.

The identity we created consistently communicated the company’s association with the sponsored racing team through everything—from uniforms for the pit crew, decals for the race cars and large displays for the side of the race car trailers; posters, hats, stickers..and a website for the employees, and an associate sponsorship kit to share the glory.

75 million screaming, devoted fans. The most-watched sport in America. A unique and powerful way to communicate—to your customers, to your company.

It's A Beautiful Life

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Creating an identity system for an artist with the bold and unique style of Peter Huntoon is like trying view one of his paintings through a microscope. How do you portray the vivid colors and passion of a painter within the limitations of business materials? Well, with custom photography, fluid copy and just the right amount of white space.

As Peter will tell you, he’s a happy painter, and his identity needed to reflect his spirit, his philosophy and his remarkable love of the brush. And so was born “Life in Watercolor”—the identity of Peter Huntoon…a suite of materials including letterhead, envelope, business card and brochure, that looks as if it were painted by the artist’s hand itself—the fine stroke of the fonts, the color soaked in light and a beautiful story straight from the painted hills of Vermont.

Brand. Brand. Brand.

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In a world of me, me, me, it’s refreshing to work with forward-moving companies that carefully consider how to craft their words and deeds, offering the world a perspective through its own eyes.

Questech is one of those companies.

After years of selling to the world’s largest tile manufacturers, it was their turn to launch their own line under the Questech name. A ground-up identity makeover began. Working with our designers and project managers, Questech created a new corporate logo, product brochures, counter displays, business materials, signage, trade show graphics, sell sheets, architectural binders, in-store displays for national retailers including Home Depot and, oh yeah…a website.

Being square never looked so good.

The Character of a Great Event

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A 3-day leadership conference for senior management needed a consistent and powerful look and feel that submersed and re-energized attendants with the year’s conference theme.

The event’s focus, “Reflection” was reinforced with every piece of material—from the table tents, binders and name cards, to banners, posters, video presentations and interchanging stage displays. Seamless integration right down to the color choices, fonts and paper.

New year, new topic, new design… and a new-found sense of making a difference.

The Company You Know

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Atlantic Waste had been faced with a negative track record in the marketplace for many years. They were losing market share as well as customer confidence, and employee morale was low. We developed and implemented a full-on rebranding effort to redress negative perceptions, and reposition the company as an industry leader and good community partner.

We gave Atlantic Waste a complete makover that leveraged the Casella name. It included a new logo, sales materials, advertising and a customer-focused website to communicate the benefits of being part of an integrated waste management company. One company, one look, one standard of excellence.

New uniforms and equipment went a long way in restoring employee pride and satisfaction in their work. Sponsorships and trade show particpation reinforced the message that here was a company that lived up to their responsibility to the communities they served.

Peak Performance

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Weeks before the event, the teaser postcards really had them wondering…

The lights dim and the band cranks it up. Suddenly, unrehearsed, and without direction, everyone leaps to their feet, cheering like mad, arms in the air, lighters flickering wildly in the dark.

Rock concert? Revolution? Yes and Yes.

Each year 150 or so of Casella Waste Systems senior managers from all over the Northeast gather together—to examine and improve their skills as leaders—to see themselves in a new light. They call it “Peak Performance”. Three days of total emersion in the Casella brand and all it stands for—integrity, continuous improvement, teamwork, responsibility, trust, and service—all in a remarkable combination of live performance, video, signage, printed materials and promotional items of all description.

When those lighters flickered on, it was the culmination of six months of thoughtful planning, discipline and meticulous execution by the Casella communications team. Their goal…flawless execution right down to the hand towels embroidered with the “Revolution” logo.

Teaching, mentoring, leading…and having fun at the same time. We call that Evolution.