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Shopping for a seasonal employee is a lot like shopping for a holiday gift…You put it off until the last minute, then rush to buy something, hoping to get lucky.

This may work for some, but for the rest of us, finding a great gift takes practice— we’ve got to know where to look, ask the right questions and think about the person we’re buying for.

The Vermont Country Store understands. Thousands of gifts in their catalog help shoppers find that perfect match—from Vermont cheese samplers to pink peppermint pigs, toys, clothes, and perfume–you name it! There’s something for your perfect someone.

And with more than 18,000 orders a day the Vermont Country Store human resources department has to do some heavy holiday shopping of their own— hiring hundreds of new seasonal employees every Fall to meet the needs of holiday shoppers.

With low unemployment and a competitive hiring market, resource managers needed an edge on the competition. And that’s what they got—help wanted display ads that command attention within eye-catching design, showcasing the best of the company’s resources—the people…telling their own stories, and the story of Vermont Country Store.

Now, the Vermont Country Store’s HR managers can find just what they’re looking for—record numbers of desirable applicants, many of whom return every year. We took their tag line to heart, ”Purveyors of the Practical and Hard to Find,” including great employees.

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