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Stratton Magazine Debuts New Site

Newson January 15th, 2012No Comments

Established regional magazine meet the web. Web site, meet Townsend Graphics LLC.

No matter how ‘straightforward’ things may sometimes seem, building a good web site, one that does what it needs to for the company or organization it represents, is rarely a very straight path. Throw in the need to optimize the site so people can find it when they’re searching then top it off with a need for the site to be more or less faithful to the print sensibilities of the magazine and, well, you have a very challenging project indeed. But a challenge worth taking on.

Stratton Magazine has been a regional favorite for more than three decades and enjoys a loyal and passionate following among locals as well as regular visitors to the Southern Vermont. Publisher Lee Romano has carefully crafted (and protected) the magazine’s visual identity as well as the character of it’s content putting a unique and decidedly up-scale stamp on topics as diverse as maple sugaring to convertible cars. Then there’s the photography of Hubert Schreibl’s that graces nearly every story. Simply the best. My job was to bring all that to the web, carefully rendering the magazines image in pixels instead of ink and paper while building an architecture that would support a robust SEO plan as well as future advertising.

Four months and who knows how many hours later, I think we got it. Like most big projects this one began with a plan and a set of goals. Also like most big projects, it’s fair to say that the plan—and the goals— were tweaked and adjusted along the way as the site began to take shape and new, better ways to reach our ends emerged. The end result is a satisfying blend of the needs of the site architecture to support the SEO and advertising functions and to do it in a way that represents the look and feel of the print publication.

Works for me. but,please, take a look for yourself at