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vermont stone

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Selling crushed stone in bags. What an absolutely brilliant idea —until it hits the shelves, and it’s just stone in a bag. Bring in the design team! Whip up something special…ta da…Vermont Natural Colored Stone.

Creating the identity for Vermont Stone seemed to be natural instinct. Born from the rich earth tones of the stone itself, a gorgeous palette set the stage for the entire suite—including logo, package design, brochure, letterhead and business card.

Sophisticated and smart, the design is straightforward yet unique. By throwing out traditional thinking of how landscape products were marketed, the look for Vermont Stone sets itself apart from any other agricultural and landscape product around.

All of a sudden, stone has a brand new face.

vermont country store

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Shopping for a seasonal employee is a lot like shopping for a holiday gift…You put it off until the last minute, then rush to buy something, hoping to get lucky.

This may work for some, but for the rest of us, finding a great gift takes practice— we’ve got to know where to look, ask the right questions and think about the person we’re buying for.

The Vermont Country Store understands. Thousands of gifts in their catalog help shoppers find that perfect match—from Vermont cheese samplers to pink peppermint pigs, toys, clothes, and perfume–you name it! There’s something for your perfect someone.

And with more than 18,000 orders a day the Vermont Country Store human resources department has to do some heavy holiday shopping of their own— hiring hundreds of new seasonal employees every Fall to meet the needs of holiday shoppers.

With low unemployment and a competitive hiring market, resource managers needed an edge on the competition. And that’s what they got—help wanted display ads that command attention within eye-catching design, showcasing the best of the company’s resources—the people…telling their own stories, and the story of Vermont Country Store.

Now, the Vermont Country Store’s HR managers can find just what they’re looking for—record numbers of desirable applicants, many of whom return every year. We took their tag line to heart, ”Purveyors of the Practical and Hard to Find,” including great employees.

casella peak performance book

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This could be one of those once-in-a-lifetime assignments.

Take five great authors/celebrities, build a leadership conference around their ideas, and publish a book—a working book—around them. Whew! What an assignment!  What a gas!

The client gets the credit—nearly all (but not all)—on this one. There were no constraints, just produce something exemplary that participants would use during the conference and keep long after the glow was gone. The main characters had such compelling stories, the material was so rich, it was almost (but not entirely) impossible to screw this assignment up. Seriously, it is just a bit intimidating to get your “dream” job—with few constraints and the primary mission to produce something truly memorable.

I could go into the all of the details about how the idea developed, what the thinking was behind the concept and all of the other things that run through your head when you’re working through the concepts. But I think that the part that sticks out in my mind is when the speakers all asked to autograph a copy. ’nuff said.

ladif srl

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One of the beauties of the WordPress environment is the ability to easily publish sites in multiple languages. It does, of course, help, when the company you’re working for is in Italy and the creative director you’re working with in the States is also Italian. How convenient.

Seriously, this was a great assignment. Build a site for a company that markets illustrations and photography. Kind of like asking a race car driver to go ahead and build his own car. That said, this site was not without it’s challenges as it involved several different softwares that needed to be programmed to play nice together. It took a couple of tries, but a successful marriage was made. features a multiple language option as well as a light box function (which, at the time, was pretty high zoot), and a storefront that functions in both languages. Fun to build and a blast working for other creatives.

vermont quarries display

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casella annual report

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Taking one of the country’s largest publicly-traded waste companies and getting past the obvious to the real story behind the essential activity is a real challenge…and a chance for us to flex our creative muscle.

Vivid color and original photography allowed us to capture the energy and excitement of the company and authentically represent people and activities to tell an interesting, hopeful story of a group of people who strongly believe in their role as public servants.

More than just a pretty piece, this ‘boxed set’ was executed under extremely tight deadlines and a strict no-room-for-error policy. Not only was it important to convey the message artistically and accurately but to successfully coordinate the army of partner vendors—printer, bindery, shareholder services, attorneys, and investor services—necessary to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

A picture can, indeed, be worth a thousand words.

mount st. joseph academy

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identity materials

mountain cider web site

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magic brush sales portfolio

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